Convergence Data offers training support for your short-term project goals and long-term data needs. Using our software will allow for efficient project execution but its greatest benefit is long term use to enforce governance and policies put in place to ensure your data is managed right all the time.

  • We offer instructor lead training at your site or ours.
  • We train according to the plan established at the beginning of the project using our training curriculum.
  • We offer re-training and new training for new team members.
  • You can look through our technical support guide or watch one of our videos to get started or refresh your memory.
ApplicationWork GroupLearning ModuleLearning ObjectivesTime of Module
DFR1. Define & PlanClassification Structure and Management• Learn how the tree is structured.
• Identify the best structure for your parts.
• Add levels to the tree.
• Modify the structure.
• Prune and Graft leaf nodes.
30 minutes
DFR1. Define & PlanAttribute Management• Learn how attributes are used.
• Modify attributes.
• Identify required and key attributes.
30 minutes
DFR Online1. Define & PlanAllowed Values Lists• Learn how AVL’s are used to manage governance of your data.
• Create an AVL.
• Manage an AVL.
30 minutes
DFR1. Define & PlanImport Manager• Learn how to use import tool.
• Import your own data,.
• Create a batch file.
• Load your batch to a deliverable.
30 minutes
DFR2. Data ServicesData Validation• Learn how to validate the data using normalization rules.
• Validate data based on policy.
• Create validation rules/ policies for your data.
45 minutes
DFR3. ValidationData Value Analysis with Cluster Tool• Learn to create clusters.
• Analyze cluster report outputs.
• Generate a DVA report.
• Leverage a DVA report for business needs.
90 minutes
DFR Online3. ValidationSmartTrack• Learn how to create a deliverable.
• Learn to assign parts to individuals.
• Manage your parts workflow.
• Learn how to monitor part progress.
• Manage user access/ visibility.
45 minutes
DFR Online4. IntegrationExport Manager• Learn how to export data into a file.
• Learn how to manage your exports.
15 minutes
DFR Online5. Analytics/ReportsSmartFind• Learn how to search parts.
• Learn how to use filters.
• Learn how to analyze parts data.
• Learn to approve parts.
30 minutes
DFR Online5. Analytics/ ReportsSmart Reports/Analytics• Learn what reports are available.
• Learn how to create reports.
• Learn how to filter data.
• Evaluate data completeness with reports.
60 minutes

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