Convergence provides a range of services to help our customers realize the optimum value as they justify, design, build, deploy, and maintain robust decision support solutions within their organization.

Define & Plan

Convergence consultants will assist in getting your decision support initiative off the ground. We are often involved in business case development, through process redesign and organizational alignment, and on into detailed planning and project management.

Business Case Consulting Services

The development and maintenance of a high performance decision support solution starts with leadership, project team members, and impacted employees and partners agreeing to the need for change. Our experienced team works directly on site to determine the size of the opportunity, the key obstacles to realizing it today, and the main requirements of a solution designed to realize maximum value

Process, Data, Organization, and Technology Design

Once the initial case for change has been made, CDS works with you to determine the changes that will be required to make the project a sustained success. This includes process design, data requirements, organizational alignment, and technology architecture that are the basis of your improved decision making environment.

Define Detailed Plans and Specifications

Once the project is well defined, CDS works with you to determine the detailed project and resource plan required to take the project through to a successful deployment. This includes:

  • Detailed project plan
  • Time and resource requirements
  • Training development & execution
  • Post-Go-Live support needs

This living plan is generally jointly owned by CDS and our clients and is reviewed on a daily basis to ensure project success.

Build & Test

Once the appropriate foundation is in place, CDS partners with companies to build high impact decision support environments by bringing the right information to the right people.

Solution Configuration/Customization

We recognize each of our customers has different decision support needs. Quite often we may need to configure our software or create a customized drop-in module to meet a very specific need. Our modular architecture makes it very easy to offer our customers customized capabilities for their specific data management and searching needs.

Legacy System/Search Integration

Convergence provides agnostic search architecture and has successfully partnered with other 3rd party search solutions. Convergence has a custom search index exporter it uses to provide the search index to other 3rd party solutions.

Train & Deploy

Convergence consulting can assist in the assessment of your readiness for production usage through effective system and end-user acceptance testing and training.


Convergence provides on-going post go-live support for activities such as issue management, future enhancement planning, and bug fixes.

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