Over the past 20 years, Convergence Data has developed much expertise in the specialization of creating parts catalogs for PLM systems.

We offer our clients two options – the first is a Full Data Services or a Self Service where clients are using our exclusive software, DFR.

Full Data Enrichment Services – Convergence Data provides the critical data required for your engineering PLM platform. This includes:

  • Schema for parts
  • Detailed attribute category profile
  • Attribute enrichment for your purchase parts (20-50 attributes)
  • Short and long descriptions

Self Service – We extensively train our clients to use our exclusive DFR software to run their own classification and enrichment projects.

There are 2 phases to our engagements –Data Enrichment followed by Data Integration to PLM.

  • Phase 1: Data Enrichment –During this stage, a classification structure is set up in DFR that aligns to your parts. The parts are then classified and enriched with key attribute data.
  • Phase 2: Data Integration – During this stage, data is validated for export into your PLM system. In our DFR software, validation rules can be customized to the target PLM system. Export files created by DFR are then loaded into the PLM including schemas and attribute data.