From our beginnings as a business within Hearst Business Media, Convergence Data Services has been focused on providing businesses with the information they need to drive rapid, high value decision making. As a part of Hearst, Structured Content provided outsourced content development services primarily to the Pharmaceutical, Automotive and Electronics industries. Structured Content provided data management and classification consulting services for businesses with millions of parts and thousands of business users. These challenging data environments led the company to develop specialized software to assist with collaborative taxonomy development, data collection, organization, cleansing and publishing. In 2002, Hearst made the decision to concentrate on outsourced content development and spun off Convergence Data Services which continued with consulting and software development.

Today, Convergence Data Services is a software and content services company that provides a much better way to manage parts and the items that are commonly associated with parts including: documents, drawings, people, programs, or suppliers.

Convergence has created a novel approach that makes it very easy for companies to structure their data and to create and maintain relationships between critical pieces of information. The solution is DFR™ (Design for Retrieval™). DFR uses adaptive database technology to manage complex relationships between items. DFR makes it easier for the non-IT professional to set up data models for part information. Convergence’s SmartFind™ search tool provides multiple ways to query complex engineering data to quickly find exactly what you need quickly, leveraging the data model created by DFR. Together both solutions can help eliminate today’s challenge of finding the right item, using preferred parts and duplication.