Managing and Distributing Volatile Compliance Data

It’s becoming increasingly more challenging for manufacturers to effectively manage and track the collection of compliance data for their products. New regulations and an ever changing business environment continue to place added pressure on a company’s ability to obtain and manager the necessary data. Data streams in from many different sources and is dispersed to different locations, making it very difficult to obtain a single view of a company’s status at the corporate level:

Typical issues manufacturers are experiencing managing compliance data

Manufacturers are trying to determine how to collect compliance data from their suppliers and how to manage this data to make sure it’s easily accessible. When it comes to environmental compliance, a significant amount of material data often needs to be collected for just a single part; as much as 100 different values alone! Some manufacturers are trying to collect this data themselves while others have contracted content collection specialists to assist them. Most have great difficulty in effectively using the data once they get it in house.

Convergence’s data storage and distribution solutions; a flexible approach to managing compliance data

Convergence Data Services has been managing engineering part meta-data for many years and has applications that can protect this data, relate this data to a customers current part masters and make information easy to distribute. Convergence provides an application called Design for Retrieval™ (DFR™) that helps companies organize and store all of their part data. DFR™ is a flexible storage solution that is capable of managing data that is dynamic; in particular which is subject to change as new compliance data updates occur.

DFR™ organizes your data into specific categories to make it easy to find information; promoting a common nomenclature through the use of standard category attributes. DFR™ can also easily handle multiple relationships associated with compliance data where parts can be associated with different items including: programs, different manufacturer part numbers, compliant part substitutes, documents, sites, organizations, etc. DFR™ allows for data to be batch updated through its item loader which provides validation diagnostics to make sure data is correct and consistent prior to loading it into the database. This is a critical capability that ensures data updates are being processed correctly, and cannot accidentally corrupt the database.

Effectively distributing compliance data using SmartFind

Convergence provides a powerful web-based search engine called SmartFind™ that works with DFR™. SmartFind™ is a search and custom reporting solution that makes it very easy to distribute your compliance data. Enabled by the relationships set up in the DFR™ database users can easily identify supplier parts that have non-compliant material data and determine what items are affected and whether or not there are adequate substitutes available, all in a single query. Users can also check and track compliance at a sub-assembly and assembly level with the BOM loading features in SmartFind™. Custom reports can be created with each search query and saved in an Excel spreadsheet for easy use and distribution.

SmartFind makes it easy to query compliance data and export custom reports

The DFR/SmartFind architecture is expandable to handle both existing and new compliance requirements to allow proactive approach to managing compliance data to meet future requirements. Attachment storage capability is also provided so that key compliance documents can be viewed with each search query including: data sheets, material declarations, certificates of compliance, material specifications, etc.

Relationships with 3rd Party Content providers and data collectors

The Convergence applications can support a variety of compliance data collection processes. Typically this data is collected in spreadsheets and sometimes companies hire 3rd parties to help with the data collection process. To help manage all of the spreadsheet data that’s collected in the field from different sources; data can be loaded right from the Excel spreadsheet into DFR™. This way data being collected in the field is easily tracked and there is always access to the most up to date compliance data.

How we make it easy to help our customers

We offer a hosted environment to make it easy for both our customers; providing them quick access to their data without delays associated with setting up servers. If interested please inquire about pricing for our hosted solution. We also sell our software as a perpetual license; in which case we can install on our customers servers. Convergence has capabilities of exporting data into other enterprise systems including ERP and PLM. Please inquire about our integration capabilities.

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