Design For Retrieval DFR™

Design For Retrieval (DFR) is a custom built software that provides a one-stop solution for cleansing, enriching, validating, and managing your data to leverage built-in analytics tools. These tools help you to make strategic business decisions to increase part re-use, reduce inventory, and leverage purchasing power across fewer suppliers. Allow our team of experts to help you get started in your data project to achieve your business goals.

The Design for Retrieval software can be used for any purpose that requires high quality data including:

  • Cataloging products, parts, people, assets, services, etc.
  • Preparing data for Product Data Management (PDM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems migration
  • Preparing and managing product data for customer facing websites
  • Preparing and managing product data for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Preparing and managing data for search engines
  • Preparing data for direct material cost reduction sourcing initiatives


Classification Management – DFR is built to manage the classification of your data in a custom-built structure, one based on your existing structure, or a structure for future system integration. The tool supports one or more structures and is flexible enough to allow for modifications and changes as your business needs change even if your structure has data already loaded into it.

Attribute Management – DFR has a robust attribute management feature that allows you to create, edit, and manage all your data attributes to maximize the benefit of your data.

File Management – DFR allows you to upload and store your files and link them to your individual data to allow for image and document management to allow multiple user types to utilize your data.

Cluster Analytics – DFR has a powerful built-in analytics tool that allows you to identify duplicates and neighboring “like” items to reduce or leverage your inventory and purchasing power.

Validation & Normalization – DFR has a robust set of validations to helps cleanse, visualize, and normalize your data while also allowing for custom policies and governance to build a data management model to align with any PLM, ERP, and many other systems to ensure long term management of your data.

SmartFind Search – DFR has a dynamic search feature that goes beyond your standard database search capabilities to allow you to dynamically look up any part immediately to use for an engineering or purchasing application.

API Integration – DFR can be integrated in to your program to leverage the robust validation tool to ensure data continuity into your designation system when creating new items.

DFR Benefits vs. Excel for Classification Projects

We often hear from potential clients about the roadblocks they face trying to use Microsoft Excel for their classification projects.

This video covers the issues in trying to manage the organization of the data in Excel and then sharing with key product managers to collect feedback.

We demo easier ways to execute many of those Excel-challenged activities using DFR – our classification software and database.

The start of the video provides an overview of DFR. We then get into reviewing the excel shortcomings many companies experience and how DFR helps mitigate them.

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