Is your data living up to your requirements?

  • Is it inconsistent, incomplete or fraught with errors?
  • Do you have trouble filtering or locating components?
  • Can you find and compare parts using attribute data? Do you even have attribute data?
  • Have you purchased duplicate or similar components? From different suppliers?
  • Are you unsure which parts are preferred?
  • Importantly, are you paying different prices to suppliers for similar parts?

At Convergence Data, we offer an opportunity to help answer questions like these. It is what we call a Data Value Analysis, or DVA.

A DVA shows how data cleansing can save your company significant money by:

  • Enhancing inventory utilization
  • Reducing administrative costs of new parts
  • Improving designers’ effectiveness
  • Increasing purchasing leverage

How the DVA Process Works

  • Step 01: A high level review of the quality of the data is performed

  • Step 02: Critical attributes are defined and reviewed

  • Step 03: Data is cleansed and enriched

  • Step 04: DFR is used to normalize the data

  • Step 05: The data is analyzed and reviewed for trends

  • Step 06: Consolidation, Rationalization, and Cost Savings

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