Convergence Data Services

Convergence Data offers a variety of data services to help any organization leverage the information they have and enrich that information to do more. We can take your current data and clean it to put back into your system or a new designated system, validate and normalize your data to ensure continuity of information t leverage for re-use and cost reductions. Most valuably, we can take your limited data set and harvest information to enrich it to utilize more efficiently within your engineering and procurement teams to create synergies and reduce duplicates, inventory, and leverage spend with suppliers.

Data Services we offer:

  • Data cleansing/ scrubbing is the process by which we use our tool DFR to systematically find and identify data that may be duplicated, incorrect, incomplete or incorrectly formatted and make corrections to the data set. Using our tool to do this will allow for quick and efficient work of this task.


  • Data harvesting/ enrichment is a process by which our data service team performs research using a vast array of resources to provide the most complete amount of information for your data set, whether its technical data for the use of the part for engineering or the commercial data for the procurement team to know what to buy and who they can buy it from. The more you know about your part data the better decision you can make as an organization.


  • Data validation is a process by which we use our tool DFR to run a series of validation scripts on your data to ensure the information is normalized and formatted properly. It also allows for rule validation based on the given designated system the data will end up in. If you need it formatted for a PLM system and an ERP system our tool allows for multiple sets of validation to accomplish this efficiently without use of additional tools.


  • Data normalization is the process by which our data services team uses our DFR tool to review the data in given attributes to ensure it is all presented in the format that maximizes the use of the information for your company. Creating continuity in your data that can then be enforced with data validation and governance.


  • Data governance/ policies are processes we can help you develop based on our experience and your use case to create lasting continuity in your information to maximize the investment in DFR and data services for the long term.

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