Aerospace and Defense companies are under constant pressure to achieve aggressive cost and schedule targets. Considering the complex nature of these products, system integration issues, regulations and a complicated development process, program costs can easily skyrocket and key milestone dates can be missed. Our expertise helps with such problems. We can help A&D programs hit aggressive program cost targets and still achieve project milestones.

Use Case

In 2005, Convergence Data partnered with Northrop Grumman. The goals were to maximize reuse of preferred components and increase product development efficiency. From the initial assessment of Northrop Grumman’s part data, both teams were impressed with the possible outcome and expectations were set based on the status of their past CSM* tool.

One of the early steps, prior to migrating the data, was to consolidate and clean up their current data model. The engagement included not only migrating Northrop Grumman’s existing data, but ultimately minimizing new part introductions and obsolescence problems. The project also included more efficient processes that made finding and using standard parts easy.

Today the relationship continues. Northrop Grumman recently realized $35,000,000.00 annually in cost avoidance enabled by Convergence Data’s software.

*Component and Supplier Management

Software Solutions

The SmartFind and Design for Retrieval (DFR) software was installed onto their legacy system servers. They used DFR as the Master Data Management solution to capture and manage detailed information about products, parts and assets. They were then able to efficiently manage the critical data required to drive high value decision making in areas like reuse, standardization, and cost management. SmartFind allowed quick category searching and delivered necessary part attributes for intelligent decision making.

Primary Capabilities of DFR

  • Relationships – Managing preferred parts list for each program.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability – Provides flexible data modeling to keep current and/or relevant.

Question & Answer

We facilitated this Q&A session between a world-leading aviation company and a global aerospace and defense company (our customer).

Aviation Co. What key benefits have been derived from implementing the Convergence Data CSM* tools?

A&D Co. – Part Standardization and normalization of bills of materials. The CSM tool has made it much easier to identify functional duplication and minimize it. The percentage of standard parts used in new designs has risen dramatically since implementation of the tool. This metric is tracked and is reported to executive management quarterly.

Visibility across NGC campuses is greatly enhanced by the tool. This helps to drive standard processes as well as part selection.

Aviation Co. Have all the business case expectations for the CSM tool been met?

A&D Co. – Yes, by a large margin. Cost avoidance is a metric that we track and report. The required cost avoidance number has been exceeded every year since tool implementation.